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BITS Polytechnic College
Department of Electronic & Communication Engineering
The department of Electronic & Communication Engg, has all the upcoming & latest technologies It is also equipped with all the latest facilities for implementation of projects including both hardware and software; The department has all the equipments required in various Laboratories to make the students technically sound according to the needs of the industry. The department caters to the demands of hi- tech electronics professionals.

The Electronics & Communication department has developed the following labs to meet the curriculum requirements:

Analog Electronics Lab :-
Study of Analog circuit using P spice Simulation and observe analog circuits diodes, transistors, FET,Op-Amp's etc.

Digital Electronics Lab :-
Experiments related to digital system and circuit Boolean Algebra, Logic gates, adder substructure, multiplexers, flip flops, shift registers and counters etc.

Communication Engineering Lab :-
Familiarizing the students with various communication methods VIZ,AM,FM,PWM, FSK, ASK, PSK, etc.

Electronics device and circuit :-
Study of OP AMP & their application and uses in industry Substructure, multiplier, differentiators, integrator, logarithmic amplifiers and many more.

Network filter and Transmission line :-
Experiments related to network theory such KCL, KVL, filters, two port networks and transient analysis etc.

Basic Electronics Lab :-
Study of characteristics of various semiconductor devices like diodes, transistor, JFET'S, SCR, DIA, TRIAC and other semiconductor devices.

Instrumentation Lab :-
Experiments related to electronics measurement viz, all types of transducers measuring, pressure and signal conditioning etc.

Microwave Lab :-
Experiments related to microwave engineering viz reflex Klystron, wave guides, directional couplers, different modes of transmission of wave guides & study of Various types of antenna etc.

Data Communication Lab :-
Experiments related to transmission of data & various digital modulation formats.

Microprocessor Lab :-
Experiments related to study of study of 8085,8086 & 8051 PLC micro controllers.

Trouble Shooting Lab :-
Experiments design of various electroincs circuit & also their testing & trouble shooting using the multisim software.

EIM Lab :-
Experiments related to electronics measurment and instrumentation viz, all types of millimeters (Analog & Digital), a.c. voltmemter etc.
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